About Hostel
The aesthetically designed building speaks high volumes of missionary zeal of visionary Acharya Dev Vrat Ji. It is an epitome of intrinsic beauty & grace of soul & spirit which can be clearly seen in the perfect architecture of this building. The campus is home to 1000 students. All the factitus & amenities have made it the most sought after school. The inspiring & congenial atmosphere of the hostel encourages the hostel inmates to cultivate the skills such as leadership, sense of responsibility, devotion to duty, intrapersonal relationship and respect to others. The insects free hostel rooms are well lit, well ventilated & air-conditioned. All the rooms are well maintained with adequate number of beds and almirah. There are number of hygienic washrooms & potable water points attached to every floor in the hostel. Peeping through the window in the morning towards the vast sky, the students feel invigorated. The liveliness and the serene atmosphere in the hostel captures the imagination of the students and inspire them to be determined, dedicated and conscientious. A purifier water system has been installed for potable drinking water. The purifier always remains in functional state & provides fresh & pure water 24 hours. Hot water for bathing is provided to the hostel inmates through solar system in winter season. Every care is taken into consideration for making the children disease free. Modern & scientific laundry system has been setup which provides the students OT type clothes. The germs free uniforms & casual dresses are properly washed, dried and ironed.
About Mess
The Gurukul boasts of the airy, well ventilated & air-conditioned mess with adequate number of dining tables, chairs and serving counters. There is a separate zone/block for cooking the food. A balanced & nutritious diet is served to the students. The organic food is prepared with modern equipment’s such as roti making machine under the supervision of professionally expert cooks. General sanitation and personal hygiene are given the utmost priority.
In order to diagnose the ailing students, The Gurukul has a medical room with number of beds and a particular isolation ward comprising of ten beds for the students who suffer from contagious diseases. Three professionally qualified doctors provide medical services round the clock.
Hawan / Sandhya
Hawan, also called ‘Agnihotra’ or ‘Dev Yajya’, is our second daily duty just to improve ourselves spiritually, physically and socially. The Hawan, with its mantras and offering are so designed in The Gurukul to purify our body, mind and the environment itself. The Hawan ceremony has proven to be the source of achieving what science is yet to master; purification of the air. At Sandhya, a ritual of worship and meditation performed in the very premises of The Gurukul on daily basis.

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