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Sports Achievements

Sports Achievements


“Courage to play & passion to win creates legends and legends are not born, they are made.”
The Gurukul Jyotisar has been serving the society by rendering its services to hone the students intellectually, spiritually, socially and physically since its inception in 2019. Since the dawn of civilisation man has focused on sound health. As goes the adage, Healthy mind rests on the healthy body. Sports play a pivotal role in making our health sound. Sports are the integral part of the general education which is concerned with the growth of cognitive, affective and physical domain of the students. To walk in dignity holding the head high fearlessly is the perfect portrait of a true sports person. It bestows creativity, sound health and improves physical efficiency. It enriches our knowledge about games, develops dashing personality and improves social qualities. It is the harbinger of many attributes and values such as patience, tolerance, unity, integrity of character, conviction of courage, cooperation, sense of fraternity and sympathetic attitude. It grooms the leadership quality which enables the students to take initiative to lead from the front and to guide others in performing some daunting task within a given time. Sport is a culture in our school. Our students have the proud privilege to have a vast playground studded with many courts and particular ground for particular game. Sports culture is to cultivate the indomitable spirit and never say die attitude among the students who usually display humility in victory and cheerfulness in defeat. Sport is an attitude which prepares the students to imbue all the qualities to lead a dignified life. The students have a burning desire and insatiable zeal to hog limelight by outshining others. The students at The Gurukul Jyotisar are not trained professionally. They play to refresh the self, invigorate the body and energise the spirit. But when they vie up with those who are trained in sports academies, they show their sporting prowess & emerge champion. The medal tally & position they get, speak high volume of their passion for sports. Athletic, Archery, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Handball, Basket Ball, Skating, Malkhambh, Football, Gymnasticc, Tennis and Kho-Kho are the games which urge the unbridled will of the students to emerge victorious not only in sports but also in the game of life.
“Humility in victory & cheerfulness in defeat.”