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Message from Principal

Message from Principal

Dear parents and children,


The Purpose of education is manifold.Literacy and employment are its primary aims.Another purpose is to make students capable of living their lives fully at all levels of their personalities.They should be able to face the numerous challenges of life and carve out a purposeful future for themselves.At yet another level,the purpose of education is to groom students in noble cultural values. In the absence of this culture and knowledge, material prosperity can become a wepon of destruction instead of a means of blessing to humanity. Still higher than this aim is to create a thirst for greater knowledge in students, so that they can discover the mysteries of nature and the world around them.The Gurukul Jyotisar provides modern education in an atmosphere of rich indian culture.The child is the focal point at The Gurukul Jyotisar who also embraces the school management,teachers and parents.

                                                                " Real servive to the teacher is to try to understand his words,

                                                             his ideas to reflect upon them and strive our best to live upto them"