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GJ-The Gurukul Jyotisar
2023-02-22 01:11:11
2023-01-30 03:20:07
About Us


2023-01-28 01:44:34
About Us

Our Vision

To impart world-class holistic education with a curriculum of excellence so as to bring out the best academic traits in children reinforcing their i...

2023-01-25 03:08:20
About Us

Welcome to The Gurukul Jyotisar

The Gurukul Jyotisar is the dream venture of Acharya Dev Vrat ji, a humble individual known for his contribution to the world through education, spiritual an...

2023-01-28 04:06:42
About Us

Manager Message

As a progressive, learning-centric educational institution, we commit to create the right platform for the next generation in this evolving global environment. We commit to prov...

2023-01-25 03:28:35
About Us

Our Mission

To endeavour to create a learning environment that induces learners to be highly successful by providing a caring, safe, child-centric ambience, fostering self-esteem and a se...

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2023-01-28 03:00:15
2023-01-28 03:07:39
About Us


We have well qualified staff.


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2023-01-28 01:03:51
About Us

Director Messsage

"Children are like clay,waiting to be moulded,shaped and polished with reservoir of fundamental qualities, comprising ethics and knowledge. We ha...

2023-01-28 10:20:16
About Us


Here you can download forms related to

1. Registration Form

2. Admission For...

2023-01-28 12:44:20
About Us

Principal Desk

Dear Parents,
2023-01-28 10:24:26
About Us

The Gurukul Jyotisar


2023-01-28 10:20:27
About Us

Modernity with Tradition

We educate Modernity with Tradition


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